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Another Update on the Ice Skating Meet-Up

The date is definitely going to be this Saturday, the 13th!


Leo's Iceland
1717 Airway Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

I just called Leo's, and unfortunately, there wasn't a human answering the phone.  I got some information from the recording, but I couldn't ask all of my questions.  I'll make another post after they call me back telling everyone how much it costs to rent skates, if there are lockers and how much they cost, and if we can bring snacks/drinks.

Anyways, their hours on Saturday are noon-3 and then 7:30pm-10.  Which of those two blocks of time would be best for you? Vote!

The cost to enter the building (even if you're not skating) is $11.00.


Well the guy from Leo's called me back!  The $11.00 to get in also covers rental skates.  There are no lockers, so they advise you to lock your things in the car.  Also, we are allowed to bring snacks and drinks., which I would advise everyone to do since we're not planning on going to eat somewhere.  Leo's recommends dressing warmly and wearing thick socks.  In conclusion, don't forget the following things:  $11.00 to get in, shorts or bloomers under your clothes, something to snack on, something to drink, a cardigan (maybe two)/jacket/coat, and an extra pair of socks to go over your lolita ones before you put your skates on.


We'll be meeting at Leo's at noon!  See you all there!  If you want, PM me, and we can exchange cell numbers.


I was just thinking about messaging you to ask you about this meet! xD

I know I'll be able to make it.

And it's lame that they don't have lockers! I don't think I've ever seen a skating rink without lockers! D:

Also, as for times, either one is fine with me. However, from the last post, and people saying about it being a bad area, wouldn't it be safer to go during the day? Or unless this is a different rink? :3

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