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Alice Movie

So is everybody cool with seeing Alice on Saturday (27th) at 4?    Wow okay yeah...I'm a dumbass...I totally thought the movie was out already.  Since it's not, what date after the 5th would be good for everyone?  I'm guessing a Saturday is probably the best bet...I personally won't be available on Sundays unless I skip a class, which I'd rather not do.

The theater I picked is :
Rave Motion Pictures
16040 Hatters Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Does anyone have a problem with this?


is it for march 27th or feb xD?
I was wondering this too...o-o
Since doesn't the movie come out on March 5??
Thought it was out already? ^^;
Not that I know of no it hasn't came out yet. ^^;
LOL...changed the post.
That's all going to depend on the month. Hopefully that's good for me.
My mistake...I thought it had come out already. Changed the post...just lmk what date is good for you.
Too bad we can't go see it the day it comes out but Friday probably won't be good for a lot of people. I have midterms from March 8-13 so anytime after that is good with me. The weekend before the 8th I will probably be locked in my room studying. >_
The only weekend I have free in March is the 27th unless we can go on the 20th around 6 pm.
Any weekend is just about fine with me. :3 As long as it's not opening weekend...since there's always so many people and it gets annoying sometimes when going to the movies. :/
Saturday is normally better for me, gives more time to get ready. And no Sunday for me as well please!
i think saturday would be good for me too, but im not sure if i'll be able to drive out to baton rouge anytime soon ;~;

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