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madidi in batonrouge_loli

Hey ya'll!

So it looks like the group kinda died before it got off the ground once I moved, but just in case anyone looks here, I'm making a FB group for this community.  FB groups seem to be a bit more active now, at least this is the case for NOLA Lolitas. 

Hopefully we can get it going again.  I can't promise I'll make the meets since I'm still in St. Rose, but I can at least help plan stuff and all.


Hi Madidi!

I'm 16 and totally into the whole Lolita fashion. It's also nice that some girls (I live in Lafayette) are into this close by, although you're in St. Rose! When I'm 18 and able to drive around (my mom totally hates all of this dress up stuff; I admit, it's stressful coordinating and then finding that cheap Chinese cosplay you ordered doesn't fit right...)

Anyway, the reason I'm commenting is because I belong(ed) to a cosplay group which I was... quite miserable. Small group; five people. Still, there were a FEW (without naming names...) that are totally disorganized and are bffs, so therefore they plan things without the others' knowledge, come up to me and is like, "Btw, we're doing ____ now fyi." For a year, me and my other aspiring lolita friend kept quiet, and with Louisianime passed, I've moved away from cosplay and looked at lolita.

I've just gotta say... I've known the lolita for a while, but I didn't realize it branched off from sweet and gothic. I aspire to be an elegant/classic lolita when I can drive around and provide my own finances. But until that day when I'm legally an adult, I'll keep waiting! Hopefully y'all will still be around so you can accept a noob. :P I'll need lots and lots of advice!

With love,


January 2012

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